"The rain always felt comfortable to me. The way it devoured the world with sound, piercing the ground like dead bullets. The rain seemed to take the world just for a moment, blurring the world, capturing even the slightest bit of sound, then its as if i’m melting right into it."

Patrick Sundstrom


(via psych-facts)


VS Arashi in Hawaii 2hrs SP will be aired on November 6th!

Rumored Maotsujun Sighting in Hawaii


Wow, my cousin said that her co-worker’s boyfriend works at Alan Wongs and he served Arashi last week😱 And “one of the members was with his girlfriend”❗️❗️He doesn’t know which one because according to him “all of them look alike” lol But it’s rumored to be MatsuJun and Inoue Mao❤️❤️

d’aww how bout the other four? arashi x girlfriends, totally approved!